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Long Time No Reflecting

OMG! Really ages since I penned one whit of my experiences … or feelings. Lately just been busy, productive, generally happy. And met new people, fascinating people … My buddy JL is here now — reading the paper in the living room – – euw, I see he’s on his way to bed. Don’t want him to read this, so I better stop. More on HIM later …

But spent last weekend in California at the Homes & Land meeting with publisher Derek. That was very interesting, Met some beautiful people there — especially the gal who does the Vegas magazine and a couple whose baby is the Malibu mag, all in vivid color!

Before that it was an awfully fast-paced time — stress level high — eastside mag complications, H&L America with too little time to sell it, money a problem as away — ah but Aunt Pat’s house is now sold & will close June 1. That will forsure help! Then — as if there’s not enough going on — Derek decides I can guy a condo in Mt. Park! But the numbers just don’t add up — much as it would be supah!

What I need is to be cared about by somebody, to be squired around & wined & dined & screwed by some delightful male type!! Went out with a new specimen last week  — not bad! And another guy made contact one more time!  Hmh, who knows?!




Cool Social Security?!

Hmh … a day like no other in a very long time … sitting on a metal bench in cool shade while waiting for my errant taxi. Yes, the Social  Security worker had moved fast & I believed efficiently!

But about then I wondered how long a drive it would be for the taxi guy to drive all the way from downtown Portland to me at the bustling Social Security office on what I thought was way on the other side of town. Euw, the metal slats of the bench were carving my backside  — strange feeling but that’s what happens with the unplanned.

Just then there’s the bright yellow taxi & the nifty African driver! The guy knows how to go anywhere and do just about anything — at least that’s what it seems like in the few months since my unexpected knee surgeries, x-rays, the clever small staple pulling  and other follow-ups.

Of course it would likely have been easier if I had a vehicle. But I sold my 2009 silver Honda Fit just before all the unexpected knee & other sickness knocked me off me feet.

Tomorrow is an appointment with a female doctor who I have met just once before  all the messy knee infection & replacement & anti-bacteria shots & on & on. But you know me, I’ve written a couple paragraphs to fill her in on the processes & how well I’m doing now. That’s with the exception of horrible itching all over the place plus the missing & strangely straight hair on my head. Oh well … I guess this is my life to deal withfor now!




Made It to May 1st!

Journal entry in 1979, believe it or not (smile) …

No sun today — should be … But yesterday was a ball! Not a lot of concrete production  on the mag but good contacts & running into old friends at Restaurant Trade Show. Cocktail party courtesy of the nameless & drinks & talk with a surprising guy — then boogieing & making love with none other than L__.

My god, I believe I could be with him every night and just eat it up — so to speak!

Except for a hangover this a.m. I’m feeling sooo good — about life, about moi!! Now I think I’ll doze off for one more short snooze. Then I’ve gotta’ “hit it.” I have to show that boss of mine that I can indeed sell his magazine ads!!!!

Disgusting 4 Months!

Yes, I have been absent here due to horrid medical problems that started one morning when I discovered a big red puffiness in my left knee — what on earth?!

And I had lost 20 pounds — incredible & never before in my whole life! Plus my lifelong curly hair was suddenly gone — that I really could not believe!

Well, I delved into the internet and found incredible info on Pradaxa (blood thinner prescribed by a Kaiser cardiologist I didn’t know). So yes I got off the horrid drug — but then came Dr. Densmore who had replaced both knees back in 2015.

Well, he plunged a big needle into the puffiness (yikes!!) and sent the sample for analysis. And OMG, a giant infection! So quick, surgery and advice to for me keep my left heel up — with no weight on it!

Now that was some experience, but bygosh I did it alright! And then as an “inmate” in a disgusting “Care” facility I worked with a great guy at perfecting getting around the place in a wheel chair! Oh & I received an anti-bacteria shot about every day!

Then the final surgery — with a long trail of staples to bring the knee back to its rightful place. And finally I’m home — now guided well with a walker.

But dammit, the 20 pounds are still gone — no matter what or how much I eat & nothing in my closet fits anymore — plus my hair will absolutely NOT curl.

Life is difficult & I’d love to hear from anyone who has had similar circumstances! 






Turn the Tables

Just received a dire note that begins like this:

Tomorrow, Donald Trump will unveil his tax plan, and it is widely rumored to include the elimination or reduction of FICA contributions―Social Security’s dedicated funding stream.

Trump and his team will try and spin this as “middle class tax relief.” But in reality, destroying Social Security’s funding would hurt the very people Trump purports to help.

We must stop Donald Trump from undercutting the future of Social Security.”

To which I responded:

I have been writing about Social Security and the fact that 61 million people now get monthly checks because we have contributed from our salaries all of our working lives!

And if we the people don’t trundle Trump off to a mental facility soon — we may well be after him with weapons in hand!!!!


Power Packing Read

Social Security Works is contacting as many people as they can reach with this for starters …

“Social Security Works has fought tirelessly to expand Social Security and Medicare benefits. Even in the Trump era, this is a fight we can win if we stand together. And to do this we need to continue to put pressure on Congress and support the champions who are already there, leading the fight.”

Contributions are needed — from $5 Express donation to $1000 — all to benefit Social Security Works. Contact info@socialsecurityworks.org

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Now, when I received their mailing I just had to let them know my story. And I really want the whole world to know it & maybe — just maybe — we together can KEEP Social Security operable in OUR lives and put the GD Repub Congress to stark SHAME!!!!

I have been promoting and explaining Social Security on facebook & to as many people as I can reach ever since the bastard Repubs in Congress – & Social Security Administration themselves – did nothing to explain what it is and how it has worked for 80 years!

First, let me tell you that I was born at the end of 1935 and my parents were total FDR fans so they made me feel that Social Security was special & absolutely my program!

Most Americans have no idea how many now receive a monthly SS check — 61 million!!!!

Most are not aware that an arm of OUR government “borrowed” literally trillions of dollars from the Social Security fund – for “war” by “Dubya”?!?!

It would seem to rational Americans that it is necessary for that money to be gradually paid back – not written off as my expense and that of millions of you other deserving individuals — too bad, go starve & die!!!!

Yes, I have savings & I am 81, still working part-time. But if I lose my monthly Social Security I will be dead on the pavement within 6 years! Multiply that hundreds/ thousands/millions and won’t Republican Congressmen be dancing around our bodies?!?!

Please spread the word & join, will you?
Positively Carolan



Social Security Please

S.O.B. Repubs!! Come on, Dems, stand with We the People & our Employers who have patiently paid into the Social Security Fund payday after payday for all of our working lives!!  And WHY have we done this?

So we would have at least a small monetary cushion every month from retirement until we took our last breath …..

So Dem’s please don’t bail on us now when we are counting on you & know that Repubs never give a damn about anyone!!!!

& Now Please Spread This Important Message Everywhere!

282,748 Individuals (equaling 71% of the people living in Oregon) who were kept out of poverty by Social Security in 2014 !!

Appallingly Apoplectic …

So damnably stupid — how could Donald J. Trump EVER be allowed to run for President of our precious country? To stage those horrible rallies where he encouraged blatant racism & violence — particularly with no on-site security & even worse out in public streets?!

And now the nitwit compounds his stupidity by continuing to do business (against the rules for the President) and to vacation every weekend at OUR very hefty expense!!

And now the final asinine crap out of his filthy mouth & brain — take away our worked-hard-for Social Security after promising over & over to guarantee to keep it intact!!!!!!

Bottom line = All of us need to Institute a Law against every single lying thing Trump has said & done every minute of his APPALLINGLY APOPLECTIC LIFE!!!!

All suggestions welcome!


Dear Boehringer Ingelheim:

I am sooo upset and irritated and feeling “HAD” by a company that I believed to be honest and of value. But dammit how utterly WRONG I was!!!!

Kaiser Foundation is the best non-profit health organization in every state they are represented. I happen to be in Oregon. And I took the word of a Kaiser specialist to take your Pradaxa because of atrial fibrillation that has never given me a problem in over 12 years that I have been aware of it.

Well, I guess I should have downloaded the entire section on Pradaxa, strokes, lawsuits and deaths and how much money it took you to buy people off! And I should have bought a big lighted magnifier to attempt to read the 36 inch by 36 inch appx. 4 pt type before ever buying for $90.00 your product for 90 days!!!!

With my doctor’s knowledge, I have had no Pradaxa for 30 days & will never take it again — but I may never have a knee that operates norally — it’s still puffy, pink, painful to walk any distance. And my hair (that used to be naturally curly) is gone in 3 bright white lines at the top of my head. I fear it may never recover — thank you oh-so-much!!!!

In closing, you should know that I passed up the chance of suing you through Morgan & Morgan Lawfirm. I deemed it too complicated. However, if after reading this letter and my complaints (at age 81 — rarely ill in my entire life) your company could see your way clear to extend sincere apologies and even replacement cash for the anguish and tearing up my life that your company and product have done, it would certainly be appreciated!

Note: I took time to think about this letter — first before sending it to the Pradaxa manufacturer & now before divulging it to the world on this blog. And I’m hoping it may help some other folks.

As for me, I’m still hoping upon hope that my horrid Pradaxa symptoms clear up — especially my knee that is still quite out of function (waaa)!!


Need to Know: Social Security

From time to time we have all heard talk about doing away with Social Security — right?
And depending on how much or how little we know about the program, we worry a lot.

As for me, since the program was begun when I was born (seriously) I grew up knowing quite a bit about it.
And of course President Franklin Delano Roosevelt — the marvelous man who introduced the whole thing — and so much more!!

And so here we are — 81 years later — and the Republican Congress wants to usurp OUR successful program.
Well, now …

What we need to do is to fight FOR Social Security as the important & successful lifelong program it is & has been since 1935 — now with 61 million individuals receiving a check each month!!

And the funds coming right from each of OUR individual fund — paid in by us & our employers throughout our working lives!!

This is NOT U.S. Government Funds — never has been, never will be!!!!

Then STOP Smirking & attempted PIRATING
to Let Social Security Work
for We the People as Designed !!!!