On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Welcome …

https://ontheupbeatblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/05-up-above-my-head-i-hear-music-in-the-air.mp3Waiting on OahuOf necessity I must switch my venerable blog On the Upbeat to WordPress. It seems that godaddy — my host for this blog since 2007, is onto other endeavors. And sadly I can find no way to do a quick export-import maneuver, so I will work at writing new posts and resurrecting the best of the old faithful.

For starters, please try a few quirky pieces and be assured there’s better to come …

• My first boss always said, “Stick with me, kid, and someday you’ll be wearing radishes as big as diamonds.
• My best motto is when in doubt, throw it out.
• My journals tend to be a long-running, open-ended spillage of loose grey matter.
• I love music! It turns me on, opens me up, awakens me, cheers me, makes me whole, and responsive, and emotional, and sexy.
• Sentimentality blended with audacity, curiosity, tenacity – over what strange and wandering paths these characteristics have led me.



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