On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

I Made Variety!

Imagine my surprise – my name in the THE showbiz publication! Oh, yes, I had heard that Marc Hannibal had passed.

Marc Hannibal, tall and handsome athlete/actor/singer who back in the day returned to hometown Portland after many years away. Marc Hannibal, who met me by total accident and then asked me to do promotion for him as a singer. Marc Hannibal, who had played with the Harlem Globetrotters and likely could have been an NBA stalwart. Marc Hannibal, who acted in television dramas and even US and foreign films. Marc Hannibal who for a time had his own tv show in Vegas.

Marc Hannibal, whose lush voice often brought women to tears at his long-running Sunday night shows in Portland. Marc Hannibal, who introduced me to virtually every musician in town, kicking off my music writing career and ushering me into the Black community. Where I felt I had come Home, and today I know that is so …

But also Marc Hannibal, who I once took to Small Claims Court over an unpaid contract, to which the judge said, “I saw these articles in the paper. Pay the lady, Marc!”

It’s a fact that for some 35 years Marc Hannibal held a unique place in my life, even though I never heard from him for most of that time. Nevertheless, if I do say so myself, I did well by Marc, including turning out an excellent article about him in my 1982 book. And woo-hoo! It was that piece that got me into Variety, in the last sentence of their history of Marc in his obituary: “Hannibal’s music career was chronicled in the book The First Book of Oregon, Jazz, Rock and All Sorts of Music by Carolan Gladden.”

ImageMarc was 80 when he passed. Please bless him and listen to my all-time favorite Marc Hannibal vocal, “When the Wind Blows in Chicago.”


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