On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Kiss Class

She had so wanted her guy to kiss her the way she ached to be kissed – long, deep, passionate kissing all over her body, but he didn’t seem to get the idea. Or was he just too gung-ho to get to the payoff, she wondered.

So after some thought she embarked on writing some simple instructions. She knew it wasn’t as difficult (or as easy) as a lecture or book study. It was more of a hands-on (or should she say lips-on?) approach for any guy.

First of all, he should not pucker. As someone once said, that’s how you kiss your mother — euw!



No, his mouth should stay in its everyday easy, loose, soft talking/smiling mode as it gently touches the equally soft, loose lips of the intended. When the sets of lips meet it feels like heaven and the two begin to explore with little movements and then increasing pressure upon each other until they open a bit for tongues to touch.

It’s almost a guarantee that by this time she will be moaning as the oral sensations are felt up and down her body, if not all the way to her soul. And she will be close to delirium when their lips finally untangle and mouths move to throats on their way to the wealth of other erotic areas.

Indeed, such kissing can go on for a lonnng time. But even if only of a few minutes duration, she guaranteed that it would invariably lead in the desired direction.




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