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Library pillarsEphesis Turkey Ruins

Out of all the extraordinary places explored on a 21-day Mediterranean cruise/trip, the biggest surprise was Ephesus. I had no idea, nor I suspect do most Americans, of the amazing area in Turkey called Ephesus that possesses not only a variety of ancient history but a huge quantity of the ruins of a Royal Roman playground history from late BC to early AD.

I read up on all of this ahead of time but was still astounded by what we encountered: A broad walkway of easily more than a mile, much of it paved with large flat oblong stones. And along both sides tall pillars — standing or in repose — plus statues and the skeletal remains of wondrous buildings, as well as archways, aqueducts and infinite piles of rubble.

I couldn’t restrain myself from shooting photos (some 200) while our more-than knowledgeable guide explained how the area died due to the silting of the harbor. I believe the few imported here capture the place to the best of my ability.

MeanderingStatue intact


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