On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan


Current wisdom says that rationalization can be a path to fulfillment, happiness and indeed a long and healthy life. That is, when our mind turns a mistake into a growth step, the breakup of a cherished friendship or relationship into an inevitable parting of incompatibles and any disaster into a personal triumph.

These days in the medical realm they say that a major factor in optimal health and longevity is our personality, especially our tendency toward either positive or negative thinking.

According to a Mayo Clinic study a while back, the exact mechanism for personality as a risk factor for poor health or indeed early death has not been found. However, they do find that pessimists have increased chances for future problems with physical health, career achievements and emotional stress, particularly depression. And they say perhaps negative thinking causes actual changes in the immune system.

So, basically, looking at the world through the proverbial rose-colored glasses is good. And I do believe my tendency toward “rosy” was inherited from my mother.

No matter what happened to her or to anyone anywhere — she could ferret out the inherent good, the future potential, anything whatsoever positive. And in the process, whoever the disaster had befallen would soon be smiling and happily thinking forward.

As for me, I for sure rely on rationalization during the many instances when my life has gone awry. And I do try to stay optimistic, even surrounded as we are by an increasingly negative environment.



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