On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

End of an Era

I recently resigned from my part-time Telecommuting Sr. Writer position that I’ve filled for the past 2 years (following 5 years onsite as Admin Specialist) in the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center based at UC San Diego.

To announce my departure, Acting Director Andrea Chiba sent out an email to TDLC board members, researchers and staff within our 16 participating universities. And, well, this was a most surprising and flattering piece, captioned “End of an Era,” that I will treasure the rest of my life!
“I want to let you know that Carolan Gladden is resigning from her consulting position as a scientific writer for our Center. I am so grateful for the years of capable help she gave us in putting together our SIPS and Annual Reports. She is a remarkable woman with many talents! Our good fortune began one day, years ago, when Shelley discovered Carolan’s resume in the UCSD Temp Employee Pool and we both thought we had hit the jackpot! What on earth was a woman who was the lead in compiling and editing major biomedical volumes doing in the admin assistant pool and how could we persuade her to work with us?

Thank you for your tireless efforts towards promoting our Center. Over the years, we have enjoyed your articles communicating our work and we remain amazed by your dedication, skill, attention to detail, extreme work ethic, and tenacity in helping us provide quality documents to the NSF. I am not quite sure who will catch our mistakes and quietly fix them prior to submission on a tight post-deadline midnight express….maintaining a sense of humor! I will particularly miss the humorous exchanges over the mundane reporting process that you managed to liven up and make tolerable over the years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”



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