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Thanks Oh-So-Much (follows End of an Era)

Of course I was compelled to “end the era” with my profuse thank-you and fond farewell:

Thank you oh-so-much, Andrea! And indeed Gary (not to be forgotten on his sabbatical) and Shelley (retired but convincing me I could telecommute from Portland!) plus everyone who has been a part of TDLC. As well as those in INC, KIBM and CRL.

Yes, in every minute of my 7 years with you, I have felt it a privilege to work mainly with TDLC but also with the parent ORU and 2 other centers as well. Call me crazy but I really enjoyed that a lot of tasks that came my way were not actually in my job description!

For instance …

  • Assembling what Shelley called a “Facebook” with photos and brief bios on everyone in TDLC, and this as a brand new temp.
  • Culling TDLC proposals and progress reports for research projects I could understand (smile) and writing newsletter articles on them.
  • Participating in Doris Alvarez’s Distinguished Educator meetings. (I especially loved the “speed dating” session between scientists and educators!)
  • Writing a series of Research Profiles and later shooting pix of a new Greenspan lab — all of which became part of a KIBM annual report.
  • Cobbling together INC annual reports and once helping Margaret Paulson with CRL’s annual report.

Other than that, I treasured my TDLC database! Far from the best db in the world, but together with Chien-yi at the ready with programming, it has served its purpose as the official repository of the most important and always correct data. It is in essence TDLC’s history.

Finally, while the TDLC Annual Report has always been a chore for everyone, I have been more than appreciative of the cooperation of every single member! And although I’m now on the sidelines, I am for sure cheering you on to that odd word — sustainability. Here’s to TDLC surviving Annual Reports and continuing with great contributions to the science of learning!

Thanks again,


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