On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Wise Words

Maria Shriver, as Host of a big Women’s Conference — billed as a Day of Health, Wellness and Transformation with 10,000 attending in Long Beach, CA – gave an altogether eloquent speech. And when she discussed the effects of her father’s Alzheimer’s it brought tears to my eyes. Plus the trauma of her mother’s death the year before. She admitted she had big decisions coming up upon leaving her role of California First Lady and that she’s never made a big decision in her life without running it by her mother. Whew!

But more than that, one short sentence burned into my brain:

I have stopped feeling guilty for being complex.

Yes, all my life, and especially as a single woman, I have heard men say they want a simple woman. And many of us smart, creative, multifaceted females have agonized to be accepted in spite of being complex. But, no, that’s wrong, we want to be appreciated, glorified, adored FOR our complexities. Or maybe that’s just too much to expect …



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