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Writing Trajectories

For some time I have marveled at the spectacular talents of a young man from San Diego who writes erotica and posts his output under different online names. I must admit that his spelling, grammar and even punctuation are often askew.

Ah, but his insights, depth of feeling and visual use of words and phrases — accompanied by his photos of exotic females — are emotional, sensual, inspiring. Today can find him under Conflict’s of Love as http://theeromantix.tumblr.com/.

More recently, after reading a novel by a jazz pianist whose distinctive music I praised in my long-ago book, my mind went to how powerful is this man’s writing!

Yes, San Franciscan Don Alberts’ “The Rushing: Manbaby and the Crooked Road to the Big Time” draws you into a journey through the catacombs of jazz and the subculture of the ’60s. Click on the publisher’s original trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAH-shLNLIk

And so, the inspiration engendered by two male writers (one young, black; one older, white and both over-the-top creative) sent my mind into new orbits. For the first time I allowed to be unleashed a visceral need to tap into infinitely more of my emotions and creativity.

Tada! Launch of my new blog “At the Edge of Ecstasy or Anguish,” exploring life experiences — some fictional, others for sure fact — through words, music and photos.

If you haven’t yet visited, please click here: http://at-the-edge-of-ecstasy-or-anguish.com/





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