On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Hate to Admit It

I really, really hate to admit this, but for some 20 years I was a registered Republican. Today this fact makes me gasp in horror. But of course at that time I was married to an “R” and kept thinking how we were canceling out each other’s votes. Besides, in those gone-by days, “R” or “D” did not seem to make that much difference.

Then in 1984, when Reagan was hyping his wild “Star Wars” nonsense as he ran for a second term, I wrote an impassioned letter that included, “It is probable that you will be our leader for another four years — if we last that long! Your head is in the sand, you’re playing a role, you’re believing in pie-in-the-sky.

Our greatest danger is in your underrating of the utter futility of waging and winning any sort of nuclear war! Please shape up before you destroy my civilization without my say-so. You MUST put a stop to proliferation — unilaterally if necessary!”

In the meantime I had left the “R” guy (for reasons best untold) but still I stayed a Republican – I don’t know why – until during the Bush Senior era I had finally had it. And I decided I must resign in writing, so I sent a formal letter to the Republican National Committee, protesting the fact that they didn’t give a good GD about the welfare of us ordinary mortals, were trying their best to control our minds and our bodies. And that for all their prattle about helping small business, they had erected every possible road block in the way of attempting to start a business.

So, ever since, I have loudly and proudly proclaimed YES to: science, history, truth, honesty, health, championing the individual and the small business, personal choice, freedom of speech, assistance for the needy, civil rights for all.

And shouting NO along with other protesters to so much … bigotry, racism, unmitigated greed, lies and propaganda, billionaires trying to buy elections, guns in all hands everywhere, the stupid drug war, the utterly barbaric notion that executing human beings is just and, above all, the idiocy of the biased 5 on the current Supreme Court!

Yes, I believe as the founders did – in a government of the people, by the people and for the people. And the people are US — hard-working, forward-looking, liberal, progressive D’s!




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