On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Amazing Friend

What wild, chaotic times after Crazy Barbara breezed into the real estate offices where I worked and started issuing opinions and criticisms of me and my life! Funny thing was that it never antagonized me — it was mostly valid and helpful. Son-of-a-gun, this lady was the most intuitive person I ever knew, she understood people and their motivations, she loved jazz and she seemed to really know and like moi!

Some might say she’d been around the block a few times. That she’d had an eventful life full of varied experiences could not be denied. But she easily and consistently maintained an open and positive outlook. Nobody disappointed or hurt this tall willowy gal because she knew what to expect from us all-too-fallible folks.

In time I worked with her, had her work for me, wrote her resume, sent her on job interviews, introduced her to friends, spent hours and hours talking — and never once saw her blow her cool, with friend, employer or client! Sometimes I wished I could be like that …

And Barbara and I had so many escapades that defied description, since we both refused to cram ourselves into molds that others tried to create for us. When we were together what she did for me was become the irresistible force against whom I could not argue. She would not tolerate my being less than I was capable of being and I benefited oh-so-much from that attitude.

Ah, but there came a huge disagreement and then we both moved away. By now so many years have gone by with no word, and even though the internet is wonderful, I have not been able to locate her.

If I could, I’d say to Barbara how glad I still am that she is who she is and would be wildly happy to reconnect.


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