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What a Story

WaltonSamuel M. Walton, 1918-1992
Adjusted wealth: $56.5 billion

Straight from college Sam Walton entered a J.C. Penney management training program, and then of course later founded Wal-Mart.

And today his heirs are worth a combined $140 billion-plus. This crowns the Waltons the richest family in the U.S., as well as perennially high on the Forbes 400 list — thanks to their approximate 50% ownership of Wal-Mart, now the world’s largest retailer.

Ah, but it seems that with all this largesse, the family not only allows Wal-Mart workers to be underpaid while we taxpayers pick up the tab for their needed food stamps, etc., but scarcely do they contribute any of their personal fortunes to the family foundation! Read the fascinating story as published in Forbes magazine:




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