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Handwriting Tells

Some years ago my handwriting was analyzed through a Ladies Home Journal program. I was curious, especially because my method of communication is not some beautiful script. No, in high school I adopted my journalism teacher’s printing style of penmanship. And it stuck.

This analysis was based on a few brief sentences plus my signature (yes, it is cursive style so no problem). The results I received, prepared by “a team trained and supervised by a psychologist,” were deemed to be dominant and fundamental characteristics of my personality — and were surprising to me, with some accuracy. This is the gist of the main characteristics.

Well-bred and Educated: Good manners, correctness of behavior — marks of a good upbringing that win the esteem of friends, companions and co-workers.

Wish to Surpass: You have something to say, and you push yourself to make a mark on life. This need to manifest your ideas, feelings and personal philosophy, and the anxiety that it creates within you, will not help you find happiness. But you will know the inner satisfaction of being true to yourself.

Enthusiastic: The study of your personality shows optimism and enthusiasm. Your self-confidence will enable you to reach the goals you set for yourself.

Sense of Responsibility: You are the type of person who aspires to be someone, even if you are not quite sure how to go about it or what this ideal someone ought to be. When you accept a mission or a job, you carry it out with the utmost reliability, always performing your duties until the very end.

Well-Defined Personality: You are very individualistic. You have a definite personality with characteristics peculiar to yourself, especially a great ability to react. You don’t allow yourself to be guided by the opinions of others, for you expect more of yourself than of people around you.

Work Capacity: Decision, energy and a capacity for work are unmistakable characteristics of your personality. You are an active and efficient person, capable of attaining the goals you set for yourself.

Now, since this handwriting analysis was done years ago, I’m going to find a new source and see how much has changed since I’m way older and retired.


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