On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Ordained or Happenstance ?

Deep into Roger Ebert’s memoir “Life Itself” I stopped, re-read and underlined this sentence:

“So much of what happens by chance
forms what becomes your life.”

I must say that this totally resonates with me, as I’ve never believed that one’s life is ordained from on high or some such. Not mine for sure! No, my life has been formed completely by happenstance …

Of course being somewhere at just the right moment along the way of life or picking up on an overheard idea have helped, plus being born a risk-taker with a certain drive and ambition.

Ah, but I would venture that — from skipping second grade on to being given a Kodak Brownie at 10, discovering baton performance at 11, to being asked to write a class history for 8th grade graduation and finding my way into journalism, then out of college, into marriage, bearing 5 kids by age 25 and divorcing at 31 — happenstance/coincidence/chance ruled!

Now, all of these years later, I can’t be anything but thankful for the fairly wonderful life I’ve lived. No, I didn’t get the hoped-for Great American Novel published — ah, but I wrote it! And I didn’t make money by forming my own companies or rising to the pinnacle of someone else’s.

What have I done, you may ask. Well, for starters, I joined the computer revolution way back in 1984, thanks entirely to a temp job! And that experience set me up to succeed as a writer, editor, office manager, database administrator, published author and today’s blogger supreme.

Yes, lovely happenstance, but with credit due to ahead-of-their-time Portland’s Pacific Power and PacifiCorp! And today I’m still ready for whatever may come along in my long and colorful life, which is as it should be, agreed?



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