On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan


Mind wandering, imagination triggered …

  •  I’m eternally grateful for …

o    Parents who led me to believe I could be and do anything I wanted if I
wanted it enough and worked hard enough to be/do it.
o    An inquisitive mind that never shuts down.
o    Writing incessantly & never experiencing writer’s block.
o    A lifelong love affair with music of many genres.
o    Exploring 121 cities in 23 different countries (to date).
o    Creating a non-fiction book that got published, “The First Book of
Oregon Jazz, Rock & All Sorts of Music.”

  • I desperately wanted (but didn’t get) …

o    Trip downriver from Lewiston to Vancouver on a series of PINCO tugs
and writing an article on the experience.
o    Correspondent job, Vietnam 1968, for the tugboat company, after
editing their award-winning newsletter.
o    Economic success at any of the many ventures I wandered into.
o    An ecstatic longterm relationship with the right guy.
o    Creating a novel that didn’t achieve publication, “Sweet Compulsions, A
Wry Tale of Music, Multiculture and Mayhem.”


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