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Supreme Court — 5 men in all their glory

GinsbergIn a recent televised interview, a key question asked of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was whether the 5 male justices understood the ramifications of their (Hobby Lobby) decision, to which the adamantly against the decision RBG replied, “I would have to say no.”

This elicited many likes and replies — see my response and a few other good ones below …

Carolan Gladden: “Exactly — regardless what the men on the Supreme Court say about adhering to the Constitution, it is obvious that they approach cases from the narrow and fixed viewpoints of older white men (plus CT who goes along) from a prior time. They have no concept of present-day life or today’s women and this should not be considered constitutional.”

Jarrod Johnson: “They understand, they’re just conservative douchebags. These aren’t kids who don’t understand the consequences of their actions. These are old, right-winged jackasses who couldn’t care less about women’s rights.”

Audrey Gerson: “I would have expected five guys with operating brains to say to each other, ‘Hey, these Hobby Lobby folks can’t sue based on religious beliefs because they have invested millions of dollars in a business that makes abortion pills — and don’t forget their dealings with China, home of forced abortions!’ Oh, I forgot; being Republican is what is important!”

Artt Siversen: “Do you believe that the five male justices have a clue about anything outside their own fat asses? Probably not.”




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