On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Born asking …

It has been said that I was born asking “Why” and “Why not?”as well as wanting to Question Authority. And while I got away with the why’s and why not’s, I didn’t feel empowered to Question Authority until Women’s Lib – and that good old rock ‘n roll music — began to set me free. And in the intervening years, my big mouth and sharp pen have gotten me both into and out of many dicey situations.

Now I have to say that, as foreign a concept as it is, I have been trying to embark on a new path with a new motto, a new mantra to chant in stress-filled situations:


I recognize that this may be the hardest thing I’ll ever do. But it is a reasoned decision that I hope in time will become reinforced with positive emotion. It is for sure a self-preservation move – based on revving up endorphins toward maintaining emotional and physical health, increased production, personal satisfaction and by all means joy!

Even so, I must speak out (write) against the vast wastelands of negative vibes, lies, rage and propaganda that these days tries relentlessly to overcome us.

But then comes Brian Bromberg’s great “It is what it is” as reinforcement.


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