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Common Sense and …

 “… we depend on common sense and decency,” Dr. Reich says (see below).

Ah but think about this. The USA may have become 2 very different countries …

Blue:  Basically educated, diverse, healthy, striving, perhaps struggling economically, but seeing the big picture and knowing we fit in it.

Red:  Generally less educated, less healthy, less contact with outsiders, more division between races, more dependence on government aid but seemingly not understanding that their Votes directly affect all of this.

Bottom line: Without common-sense, decent working Repub Congress members — not ones whose only goal is to axe our duly-elected president plus R states dumping 50-year-old (!) Voting Rights provisions — the R states will only get worse and both B & R countries will remain in turmoil.

Now what:  If you’re reading this, please share and tell everyone that their Vote on NOV 4th is critical!

 Read Robert Reich’s excellent post:

This is the summer of our discontent. Almost everyone I know is angry — with politics, with government, with the media, with their work, with their employer, with people who hold different views. Why?

Not since the 1930s have so many Americans been on a downward escalator economically and faced so much financial insecurity. That we’re supposed to be in an economic recovery makes it all the worse.

I think this the root of our anger, and it has a lot to do with fear. I sense it in the way the anger is expressed — with bitterness and resentment, cynicism, often in ad hominem attacks and personal insults.

Yet if we’re to improve the situation we’ve got to turn the anger in a constructive direction, work hard to change things, disagree respectfully, and use argument instead of invective.

Is the widespread discontent causing us to forget how much we depend on common sense and decency?


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