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Fighting Fire

Dr. Robert Reich recently told us that he had received a message from a manager at a large (unnamed) insurance company:

“Today I was asked by top management to dictate the following terms to my employees: “For restroom breaks you should average less than seven minutes per day or 1.5 % of your total work day; this should be approximately nine minutes per day if you work a ten hour day.” I was also instructed to inform them that lunches would be shortened by fifteen minutes.

“At my job I feel powerless and systematically driven to enforce draconian policies. If I even question these policies, or suggest I stand by my employees, my future employment would be questioned if not terminated. What, as a member of management, am I to do?”

Dr. Reich then asked us, his readers, to suggest what should be done. And I could not resist submitting a plan for employees to churn out both factual information and promotion against the ideas:

“Sounds like prison mentality, to which all employees should submit medical science statements to the effect that such toilet and meal imperatives will harm health, therefore costing more in insurance and lost time for illness. Also of course copies to every newspaper, tv station & social media in the land. Bottom line, face the NAMED company down!”



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