On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

My Mission

CG - Hal eraA while back I was encouraged to compose a personal mission statement. At first it seemed like an odd idea, but eventually I got into it. And y’know now I think this sort of endeavor can be a helpful exercise for anyone …

My Mission Statement

I will express my creative drive, independent bent, sensuality, sexuality and need for connections and stability by performing the following:

  • Write whenever and wherever possible
  • Let my life flourish as a solo retiree
  • Maintain ongoing non live-in relationships
  • Nurture family and friend connections
  • Indulge in live music and travel when possible
  • Revel in learning through reading and more
  • Support the Progressive
  • Live in a warmly enveloping atmosphere
  • Remain debt free

I believe that faithful devotion to these activities will achieve publication and a readership, will bring me closer to those I care about, will lead to making new friends and will create an upbeat personal environment (badly needed as a buffer against the current craziness of the country and the world).









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