On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

From Portland to Beaverton

Country Oaks Indeed I have moved just 8 miles west —    primarily due to leg/knee pain that     cries for level ground to walk. And Cedar Hills is nothing if not level all around.

And the apartment I found at Country Oaks way back in March — but had to wait for the place to become available — is in an interesting area, a quick walk to MAX (to head downtown or to the airport) and walking distance to lots of shopping and 16-screen movie theater.

This place is larger and less expensive than my last abode, but I do miss my supah 8th floor views. And the move has been a real trial — involving so much, including google search, ingenuity, sweet-talk, strong bones, muscles I didn’t know I had, plus a fantastically helpful sister — thank you so much, Barb! And then my Honda Fit that accommodated so much awkward stuff in so many trips.

But it got better after the PDX Premier College Movers expertly packed and transferred furniture, books, music, my rock collection, canned food. Thanks again, guys!

Now it’s just me with lively music playing to stow all that I’ve accumulated. Oh, and not-too-patiently waiting for Comcast to set up my phone, tv’s & computer internet. So Thursday I will be able to post this and get at least half-way back to normal. Woo hoo!



  1. directorb

    Best of luck getting settled in your new place!

    • Thank you very much — it has been stressful but finally the new place feels like home!

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