On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Remember …

The outcome of the 2014 midterm election makes me think about propaganda and how it works — using double-speak and especially triggering emotion (fear, threat, danger, dread, menace, peril, warning, risk).

The ridiculous thing is that Repubs got voters reacting to the Repubs interests, not the voters. We voters have no need to be in panic mode over ebola or ISIS or an African-American president — who has brought us from the brink of systemwide Depression to doing ok while being thwarted on every plan!

But we can and should fear, feel threatened, sense danger and dread:

Increasing starvation and homelessness, children receiving no education, etc not to mention bridges, roadways, beaches wiped out, etc. — all due to the potential lack of a functioning federal government whose job it is to keep dumb states in line with policies that benefit everyone.

Remember, we are supposed to be a country and a government of, by and for THE PEOPLE — not of, by and for the 1%!


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