On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

What a day!

It’s Sunday and I don’t feel like getting up in my cold apartment, so I stay in bed leisurely reading a big Entertainment Weekly, one with oodles of great photos and articles on several old familiar TV shows!

Finally around 11 I decide to go to a movie — “Whiplash” has been on my radar since it opened. About an inspired drummer set on reaching the heights but driven to destruction by an over-zealous instructor.

So I get ready, hop in my sweet silver Honda Fit, turn the key andMy new Honda Fit — nothing … Well, the temp’s been freezing and we’ve had heavy winds for days, so I guess it’s AAA time.

They are quick and thorough, but, damn, I need a new battery! One that AAA folks don’t have. Really? Now what?

Well, miracle of miracles, Beaverton Honda is open on Sunday and not far from my new abode. So I trundle up there and am quickly scheduled for a switcheroo.

So I’m out $134.95, but glad to have the project handled so easily by Service Advisor Jordan Baurer.

Plus the sun is out. So now, yes, I’m happy, and hopefully get to my movie today!



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