On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Post and Share

We need to post and share far & wide these oh-so-true contrary avowals until the Republican party finally figures out just how irrational & undemocratic these attitudes & conflicting beliefs are. Not to mention the ridiculous obstructionism of the Republicans in Congress.

If we diligently keep posting/sharing & believing in our efforts, the results must eventually be Republicans Voted Out!

Republicans say they love America,
but Republicans hate most Americans.

Republicans say they are patriots,
but Republicans hate our government.

Republicans say they are Christians,
but Republicans hurt the poorest & sickest among us.

Republicans say they are Pro-Life,
but Republicans favor war and the death penalty.

Republicans say they are for Family values,
but only if the families are straight and white.

Republicans say they support the military,
but they are against veterans having benefits.

Republicans say they love America’s natural beauty,
but only if it can be mined on, drilled in, or hunted upon.

Republicans say they love children,
but not if they are poor, brown or black.

Republicans say they support small business,
but they actually support billion dollar corporations.

Republicans support the Second Amendment,
but don’t have a clue about the others &
couldn’t say which are in the Bill of Rights.

Clueless that their party was founded by Liberals.
Republicans are proud Republicans.


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