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Stolen Election and More

Robert Reich posed on facebook: “The biggest political question faced by any society is whether we’re all in it together, or each is on our own and why this may be …

My response on facebook & here:

The why becomes apparent when you consider that corporations are now seen as flesh-and-blood human beings by a “so-called” Supreme Court! And Rabid Repubs/T Partyers/etc love to shout that a federal government isn’t needed.

However, when you look at the facts that virtually all the Repub-voting RED states have poor health, poor education and disbelief in science, you get why they are so easily conned. By whom?

By the Kochs, other billionaires & corporations plus the Repub gerrymanderers — all of whom just stole OUR election so they could get more & more & more for themselves while they ignore the disintegration of OUR country and We the People.



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