On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Years ago

Ring 1In San Diego on my way to part with a long-loved but rarely-worn gold and diamond ring and vividly recalling an event back in the day that imparted an unforgettable lesson …

Upon publication of my glorious First Book of Oregon Jazz, Rock & All Sorts of Music in 1982 I did NOT become rich and famous as envisioned!

Indeed, at that moment I had no day job and was absolutely flat broke. So on the fateful Saturday morning I was sitting in bed, fretting tearfully. How could I pay my rent?

Suddenly I remembered a few gold rings that had sat in my jewelry case for years, minus their original stones that had been used in other jewelry for me and my family.

Well, the value of gold was for the time at an all-time high, so I checked the yellow pages for who might buy gold, and I phoned, drove, walked in and left with $150.

What I learned: That I was not only a risk-taker but an optimistic gal with ingenuity who could always find ways to survive!

So on this day, with gold worth way more than before and with ads leading me to Leo Hamel, it was even easier to find good money just waiting to materialize.


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