On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Glorying in Superlatives

Some years ago I was the delirious and very flattered recipient of more powerful and positive remarks about myself and my creativity (from one amazing friend) than I’ve received from the sum total of everyone else I’ve ever known over the course of my (relatively long) life …

  • I love your intelligence and high energy level.
  • I enjoy the blog and the music.
  • I’m going to read your “Sweet Compulsions” novel again. It is like seeing a great movie and wanting to see it again to see what I may have missed the first viewing.
  • My god you are a wonderfully talented woman!
  • I am happy that the creative juices are flowing.
  • You have a wonderful talent, and I hope you will continue to look for outlets to express and share with those of us who appreciate your art.
  • I’ve never known anyone like you.
  • You have inspired me to dig into my creative side.
  • I would like very much to be your Muse.

Now I’ve never had a muse. But I’ve treasured a line I read not long ago. “I write better when I know you’re reading it.” And yes, I do believe that’s what’s happened to me under the influence of such a friend and so many sincere superlatives.

Of course I’m not the best writer or most creative person in the world. But I’m damn good at what I do, and I always know that each and every word I employ is meant to touch my reader.

“He left those soul shadows on my mind.” Yes, he did …







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