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Thoughts to Ponder

Robert Reich, a former Labor Secretary and now a professor of public policy,  just wrote perhaps the clearest explanation ever of the country’s current condition, beginning with …

To see the vicious cycle we’re in, connect these 10 dots:

1. Almost all the gains from economic growth have been going to the very top. As a result…

2. America’s vast middle class doesn’t have the purchasing power to keep the economy moving forward, without going deep into debt. As a result…

But then I have added two items — definitely not from the area of economic logic but what I think many of us would agree with if  we ponder a bit …

Just two more critical items to factor in: Monumental distrust of government of, by and for We the People and outright bigotry where it comes to the courageous/successful President Obama — both fomented by some of the uber-rich and a plurality of the legislators they have bought with cash for propaganda and lies fed liberally to the unknowing voters or non-voters!

Read Reich’s complete excellent piece at the top of my facebook page.


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