On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

All In or Not Into

I have pretty much always said that I am not into religion. After all, I walked away from Catechism lessons early, since I had a habit of asking “why” and the answer I invariably heard was “because.” Besides, my Mom and Dad had already bagged each of their mothers’ devout Catholicism.

Over the years I have come to more significant reasons not to be into religion:

  • Organized religions have historically inflicted incredible havoc on the world, and many still do.

As Allen Clifton recently wrote on Forward Progressives website, “Humanity will always live in chaos as long as organized religion persists. Now, I’m not talking about faith. If you want to have faith in God, Allah or whomever, that’s fine. But when you put human-made rules and interpretation on these faiths, that’s when problems arise. That’s what’s called organized religion.”

  • As for me, my other reason to not be into religion is what often happens when individuals let Faith run their life.

They have been convinced that clinging to faith in God or Allah or the Preacher/Pastor/Minister will make everything fine. But each of us needs to develop a wide range of personal characteristics to function well in the real world. As I see it, here are some of them:

ambition, drive, intelligence/education, positive outlook, work ethic, valuing
fact, never-say-die attitude, getting along with others, self-understanding

Of course organized religion does not impart these traits. If it did, my attitude might well change. But as Allen Clifton spit out, “Organized religion is a tool for ignorance, power and control.”


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