On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

To Chuck Schumer

Email to Senator Schumer:

I have always admired you as the sensible, practical Democrat you have been. So I cannot fathom why headlines are proclaiming that you are turning against the rational, forward-looking Iran negotiations-in-process!

Please don’t side with the warmongering/billionaire & corporate-financed Rabid Repubs! Instead, use your admirable power to represent We the People! We do NOT want another War. It can do nothing but destroy innocent people, make money for the wrong people and quite possibly in the long run unleash nuclear devastation!

As I understand it, negotiations & tweaking of the agreement continue until June. And it is not just words on paper as the Repubs’ propaganda screams. Rather, verification of destruction of nuclear capability is a large part of the agreement.

So please support We the People and the integrity of the U.S.


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