On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

It’s like this …

I must apologize for my blog posts being mostly absent over the past month or so. Believe me, I have missed writing and hope you may have missed reading.

However, believe me, my absence has not been frivolous, but due to an oh-so-valid reason. And no need to guess! I unexpectedly went through right knee replacement surgery — urgh!

Not fun but mandatory, as I had experienced the patella (kneecap) suddenly coming unhinged (my interpretation of the ultra-painful event)!

And then a couple glitches after surgery plus killing hot weather.  But, never mind, I still managed to graduate from the walker fairly quickly and began employing my walking pole on a stroll every day.

And now, today, on Independence Day, the urge to write is finally surging within me. So watch for more posts — in either “On the Upbeat” or “At the Edge of Ecstasy or Anguish”!!



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