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Pelourinho Square (slave pillory in Salvador da Bahia)

We must say YES to Kirk Douglas’s serious request for an apology from the US for slavery! And how about this — We the People get the ball rolling & get those in government to follow on?

As someone who has studied the history of the Atlantic slave trade from its beginnings by Portugal in 1530, soon after they “discovered” Brazil. I have also traveled the infamous Portuguese “triangle” — tracing the route where enslaved Africans were marched from Kumasi down into the slave “castles” on the coast of Ghana and then through tunnels onto ships — where many died enroute — to the Pelourinho in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, where survivors were exhibited and sold, to the Caribbean islands, Europe, and of course the US.

And of course Portugal only started it all — then came the Dutch, the British and on and on. Sooo the world owes all those of African heritage lifelong apologies for slavery but also for the fact of disgusting discrimination today!!

If you agree, please share and spread the word.




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