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Truly Mind-boggling

Some time ago I discovered an incredibly fascinating book — A Mind of Its Own: A cultural history of the penis. Never before or since have I encountered a book so absolutely filled with surprising, startling, unexpected, little known, even astonishing information.

But I must say that to me the most important section of this opus — not to mention most titillating yet factual, and of major historical significance — is The Measuring Stick.

Here is described in engaging detail the specifically oversized shock that white European men experienced upon encountering for the first time the black male population of West Africa.

“Reports of preternaturally macrophallic Africans peppered European travel writing once Portuguese ships landed on the continent’s western shores in the early fifteenth century.” So reported author David M. Friedman, along with the later statement by French Army Surgeon Jacobus Sutor, “In no branch of the human race are the male organs more developed than in the African Negro.”

And then the awful comparison that without question led to the Africans’ ultimate fate: “Despite their different starting points, most racial thinkers based many of their most important conclusions on the same criterion — the Africans’ penis … And, in nearly every instance, its size was deemed proof that the Negro was less a man than a beast.”

Oh yes … as soon as the relatively diminutive white European men observed the big strong blacks with their colossal organs, how could they not envision multitudes of hard-working obedient slaves?

Thus, the Europeans (initially the Portuguese) began capturing unsuspecting West Africans, imprisoning them until they were stacked like cordwood on boats for ghastly passage to another continent. And ultimately these innocent individuals were exhibited and sold to what became their White Masters.

That the large penis of West Africans actually spawned what became the huge, centuries long international slave trade is absolutely mind-boggling! It also makes one think that some of today’s racism may reflexively be similarly based.

Think about it …



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