On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Aborted Cruise but Good Music, Great Jamaican

Music sounds and styles — pieces wide and deep — made my overseas flight bearable.

  • Bill Withers’ “Soul Shadows” makes me want to curl up with a warm, cuddly black man.
  • “Play Me” — how does Neil Diamond create such emotional wonders?
  • My former promotion client Marc Hannibal always elicits both smiles and tears.
  • Fleetwood Mac — all the drums, mmmm …
  • “Mas Que Nada” — no matter what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, what mood I’m in, this Brazilian tune always make me smile and keep smiling.

And on until I ran the battery down on my mp3-er. Damn! But then drifting in and out of sleep was good before disembarking and waiting for a very late shuttle. And after that the Elizabeth Hotel was wonderfully funky, the city of London fascinating, my young Jamaican guy a great companion.

My 2-week cruise, however, was so far from delicious that I still can’t believe it. First I was assigned a horrible stateroom before we heard there would be no Paris nor Camino de Compostela nor Azores. Why? Storms they said. C’mon, they must be joking!

Nope, this was serious. The rough seas stayed with us until at last we docked in Lisbon, where I took a delightful ride on an antique streetcar, and in Bermuda a narrated bus tour. But I certainly did not get what (as a solo traveler) I had to pay double for!




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