On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Biggest Confusion

Especially after last night’s peculiar debate between ALL those Republican individuals itching to be U.S. President, I find myself with the biggest confusion …

How they bark “no government control” but every day they also preach how individual human differences, marriage, procreation, birth control, family planning, abortion, etc. must be controlled and all by those old white Repub men!

Oh, and their oft-repeated “Leave it to the states …” Well, if that’s a great idea, we would be back to 2 countries very quickly as the south repeats rampant racism, lack of education, poor health and more.

I mean, why is it we even have a federal government, hmh?

To help make all people in all states equal — that’s why!

But the Repubs don’t get it and never will!!


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