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Wealth of Would-be President

Wealth of Current 2016 Presidential Candidates (Forbes Magazine)

Note: Losers dropped from the list 2/11/16 — a fortune bought Fiorina zip!

  1. Donald Trump – $4.5 billion
    Richest candidate by a long shot is the GOP front-runner.
  2. D. Hillary Clinton – $45 million
    Bill & Hillary, couple, both earners.
  3. Ben Carson – $26 million
    Retired neurosurgeon sat on boards of Costco, Kellogg, K+-0.00%.
  4. Jeb Bush – $22 million
    Fortune up nearly 16-fold since leaving office in 2007.
  5. John Kasich – $10+ million
    Ohio governor worked at Lehman Bros.; hosted Fox show.
  6. Jim Gilmore – $7 million
    Former Virginia governor, AG has money in cash, stocks.
  7. Ted Cruz – $3.5 million
    Tea Partier practiced law; wife works at Goldman Sachs.
  8. D. Bernie Sanders – $700 thousand
    Vermont senator once worked as a carpenter and a filmmaker.
  9. 14.Marco Rubio – $100 thousand
    Florida senator has house, boat, kids’ college plans and lots of debt.



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