On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

HRC Why?

As a Democrat, I was just asked in an online survey which Democratic Presidential Candidate I would vote for and then to explain my reasons. Hmh, good exercise for me, who always writes better than I talk (smile) …

Well, I was a major cog in Hillary’s 2008 primary campaign in San Diego — we turned San Diego BLUE! Plus I had the opportunity to meet Hillary one on one and was incredibly impressed!

First, she came to a local South Bay gathering in a private home on short notice, arriving in one black RV with just 2 young security men.

TV cameras were in place for the 6 o’clock news, and Hillary was ready the minute she walked in, with a 45-minute speech using no notes nor teleprompter, followed by unrehearsed good answers to any and all questions from the local folks.Hillary

For me the most impressive part came as Hillary was about to leave. You see, during the local campaign I had produced and distributed the “Hillary bookmark,” as California had changed the Primary election date, which also changed the final Registration date, and I figured this would help get voters out and of course I hoped they would vote for Hillary. But at this point Hillary had not seen my handiwork.

Well, as she started to leave the premises, the six high-ranking women I was standing with headed out the back door with Hillary and I tagged along. Hillary knew and spoke with each of them, but when she got to me she asked, “And who are you?” Hmh … Thank goodness, Dem activist Francine Busby stepped forward. “Yes, Hillary, you must meet Carolan Gladden — she has already done so much work for you!”

Ah, here was my opportunity to tell Hillary about the bookmarks! And she was interested, asking, “Where are they?”

Omg! I didn’t have them in my hand — they were still in my purse! But I hurried to grab a bunch and handed them over. Hillary took a long look, smiled broadly and thanked me by name, reaching to pull my nametag off my blouse and wrapping it around the bookmarks.

I thanked her profusely and then headed out — having experienced what I thought must be the highlight of my life. But little did I know it would be topped two days later by a phone call from an aide in Hillary’s DC office. “Hillary told me to ask what we can do to help with your bookmarks.” Amazing, right?

And so now — with her world-wide Secretary of State success plus First Lady and NY Senator experience — Hillary is definitely the one individual who knows how to do what is needed for We the People and OUR country!


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