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Unleashed Hate = Danger

I am also posting this on my other blog, At the Edge of Ecstasy or Anguish — its first ever political post. But at this potentially disastrous time, I feel I must do my very best to write of the incredible danger facing We the People — that is most definitely creating anguish not only for me but likely for the majority of OUR country!

            So here is what I posted on facebook:

Federal law enforcement needs to step in, no time to waste until killings ensue! In OUR country, Mr. Trump, freedom of speech is one thing — fomenting violence is another altogether! And you are doing way more than crossing that line every time you open your big mean mouth!

            And click below for the entire Huffington Post article:


Anguished but hopeful — and please chime in if you agree …
Carolan Gladden


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