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Mr. Guiliani …

Mr. Guiliani, you are so full of crap it’s scarcely worth posting this here and on facebook. But you are banking on know-nothings believing you, and in today’s political environment that should be a crime!

It was President Dubya, VP Cheney & Defense Sec. Rumsfeld who sold the idea of “weapons of mass destruction” that made it ok to go to war against Iraq. (Yes, Hillary — a NY Senator at the time — believed them, as did other Senators.) But then the same triumvirate disbanded Iraq’s military. Tada!

Well trained military men with no jobs, no income — what do they do? Form their own killing force (ISIS) and recruit ever more to their stated cause! So indict Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld, Mr. Guiliani!

Click below to read the horrible article — “Rudy Giuliani Says Hillary Clinton ‘Could Be Considered A Founding Member Of ISIS’ “



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