On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Attn: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, you have turned into a TRUMPF! Your entire tone & manner has changed — not for any reason except your personal/political/socialistic greed has been unleashed! As Barney Frank stated in a recent interview, you have little to show for your many years in Congress. And starting the revolution you yell about is NOT what OUR country needs — now or ever!

We need (1) experience, (2) practicality & (3) lifetime success at performing difficult jobs! In other words, we need HILLARY & you better believe that she has never caved in any of those 3 items because of financial donations from any quarter!

Now how about an apology for your inappropriate slams and then toning down the rhetoric? Else you are likely to create a different sort of revolution …

Click to read the story on Huffington Post:


And more Hillary positives for those who need convincing!

One question: Throughout his long career in the Senate, what has Bernie actually accomplished for the American people? What has he DONE? Clinton has been accomplishing MUCH for people throughout her entire life, for the community, as First Lady, and as a hard-working Senator!

I’m old enough to have known them both throughout their careers and, though I like a lot of what Bernie says he wants to do, what has he actually DONE so far? I don’t think he’s in any position to criticize Hillary, nor is he HELPING the Democratic Party at all!

I’m going for Hillary because I know she is a hard worker, competent, and has done well at everything she’s taken on in her entire career, IN SPITE OF all the unfair attacks against her, including Bernie’s!

Thank you, Linda Graves, East Tennessee State University


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