On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

It’s OUR Country

TrumpHe is proud of his own ignorance, and many of his supporters like him for that very reason. They interpret his lack of knowledge not as a handicap, but as an asset: It means that he hasn’t been corrupted by politics or the facts.

Ok … so WE the intelligent, educated, knowledgeable citizens and immigrants of the US — whatever age or stage of prosperity — must meld our cumulative powers to yank OUR country out of the totally rancid pit that is in the unarguable process of supplanting our rights by the current Republicans running for President.

Donald Trump should be ashamed of every lie and epithet that leaves his big mouth! But he isn’t; he never will be! And, frankly, it is the belief of some that he needs a complete mental exam — results of which, in addition to the huge lawsuit now in action against him, should declare him unfit for office! All agreed?

Click below for the excellent piece by Howard Fineman that spurred me to compose the above editorial!



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