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HillaryI just had to add my personal experience with Hillary, after reading a superb rundown of her presidential qualifying experience — which was  followed by vitriolic posts in the haters’ bad grammar!!

What a great rundown of Hillary Rodham Clinton! I was a cog in San Diego for her ’08 run, kept the database of 500 volunteers, met her one on one and heard from DC about the Hillary bookmark I created and distributed to get the new Primary election date out.

Sooo besides all the experience Hillary has had, I can attest to her work and human interaction ethics. There was no HQ office in San Diego, we ordinary folks were on our own — we believed in her and we won San Diego for her! So get over the damnable hate and realize she is the best we have had since FDR & JFK!

Now please click below to read the wide-ranging article, titled …

For all her faults, Hillary Clinton is vastly better prepared than Bernie Sanders for the presidency





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