On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

It’s the Truth

Grumpy old guyPerfect reporting with Rachel Maddow recently. It seems that in one of Donald Trump’s meetings in DC on that very day, he got schooled by House Speaker Paul Ryan exactly how OUR government works.

That the Speaker of the House and the Senators and Representatives make virtually all decisions — NOT the President!

And as we suspected, Trump had no idea this was so. In other words, all those things he swears he would do as President he could NOT!

Methinks he should have studied the Constitution before declaring his candidacy for President of OUR country! Oh and he should have realized that We the People would at some point see the real thing — not the spray-tanned, wigged obnoxious fraud.

I found this for-real photo of him on the internet as anyone can! And at this point the total picture of him — behavior, lack of knowledge and phony looks — lead me to suggest that maybe he should quit and go home. Hmh?!.


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