On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

Attention Voters

I am utterly disgusted with all the awful Trumpness the Donald has “inspired” in OUR country! And I emailed Bernie that he was beginning to sound just like Trump — loud & gruff with pie-in-the-sky rhetoric! Granted, Bernie’s is positive while Trump’s is disgustingly negative. Still, it should be understood that actually neither of these guys have the qualifications to become OUR President!

So, today being the last day to cast a vote in Oregon, I just posted on facebook my first-hand experience with Hillary …

YES, of course my vote was for Hillary Rodham Clinton — no question the most experienced & highest qualified candidate for President!

I have written before about being a cog in her winning San Diego campaign back in ’08, that I created a Hillary bookmark, how I met her one-on-one & then got follow-up from her assistant about helping with the bookmark — woo hoo!

Sooo I’ve seen Hillary in action — oh & I received a personal thank you letter ticking off my campaign contributions from managing a database of 500 volunteers to attending rallies with Bill in LA Jolla & Hillary in LA to, yes, the Hillary bookmark — so truly I speak from experience.

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be amazing — from the Oval Office
OUR country & throughout the World!


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