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Californians Needed

The primary in huge voter-rich California is a week from next Tuesday, June 7th, and it may be a close choice between Hillary and Bernie. But since I have a bit of personal experience with Hillary, in response to a posting by Robert Reich I just must tell the tale …

I think Robert Reich has changed, pretty much the same way that Sanders has changed since the beginning of election season! In Sanders’ case, he started sounding as loud and mean as Trump — which kept Trump going louder & meaner! But for Reich it’s been more than obvious that he simply does not like Hillary! Now he’s giving advice like he knows something about running for the highest job in the land (lol).

As for me, I worked as a cog in Hillary’s ’08 campaign where, with the 500 volunteers in the database I managed, we won San Diego for her! I also met Hillary one-on-one after creating a Hillary bookmark & I received follow-up from her DC office. She is not miss popularity but dedicated to We the People and hard work, which is what the Oval Office needs!

So vote Hillary, California folks & everyone!
And click below for Reich’s post:




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