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The Word is Hillary!

After reading a nice article on Hillary and her Mother, I encountered particularly negative  comments and couldn’t resist trying to open the writer’s mind by telling my personal Hillary experience that some of my blog readers may already know …

Jeanne Shaw, you believe what you hear, don’t you? And you don’t question who you heard it from — that’s obvious! I had the opportunity to be a cog in Hillary’s ’08 campaign in San Diego. And met with her one-on-one after a speech in the garage of an ordinary house where she had only two Secret Service guys with her. No airs, no aren’t I wonderful. She answered questions — any & all — from the neighbors.

I had created a Hillary bookmark to of course promote her but also to remind voters that California registration & primary dates had changed. Not only did I talk directly with Hillary but I got follow-up from her DC office plus a handwritten thank you letter later. Sooo you have it on my testimony that the pap & crap Repubs keep spreading belongs in garbage bins! And I thank you in advance …

Click below for the article and subsequent comments:



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