On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

The Big Question

slide_5I just entered the serious side of a problem such as Trump and the huge question in my mind & hopefully others: Shouldn’t there be long-standing laws/regulations/stipulations/requirements applying to an individual who may become President?

Yes, we know American citizen of at least a certain age, 35! But what about serious medical conditions or clinical psychiatric diagnoses? And public behavior — encouraging supporters to commit violence, break laws & himself engaging in verbal trashing of elected government officials? Plus a questionable financial condition — in hock up to & over the toupee! And thousands of lawsuits pending on his fraudulent university! Not to mention lacking knowledge of the actual job!

Note that I have also sent this to the Democratic party, with the note that everyone in the country should be aware of this and maybe campaigning to add laws. I mean, if there are no qualifications that must be met, then what’s stopping any lunatic from taking over OUR country & doing away with We the People, hmh?!


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