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Big News that explains a lot …

MccSee the article below and be blown away! The headline says it’s the results of a leaked tape, and Mitch McConnell admits the Koch brothers are running the Republican party!!

So here’s what I just posted on facebook, surmising how this has worked and why WE got screwed …

The “Koch billionaire group is trying to cut the people out of the democratic process in order to create a government that revolves around their own interests.” Think about it! Now we know that McConnell & the rest of the Repub Congress have been BOUGHT by the Kochs! The Koch money and the promises the Repubs made to get it absolutely spell out the reason for total no-work, no-progress, no-anything Congress! The race of the President, I dare say, was simply cover for doing only what the Kochs ordered.

So OUR government went backward in full gear and We the People got nothing of value just Royally SCREWED! So what do we do? We make sure to Vote the Repubs OUT– election is coming soon — and we refuse to allow the Kochs and their money to buy the election and destroy OUR country of, by and for We the People!!

Click below to read the whole treasoness story …





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