On the Upbeat, Positively Carolan

At the Crossroads

I just wrote this piece and posted it on facebook, but I’d like to spread the thoughts as much as possible. So please read and feel free to send it on to anyone and everyone who you’d like to …

Thank goodness we have a President with a conscience, a brain that works overtime & an all-encompassing caring about every person in our country! Yes, for nearly 8 years Obama has helped us get out of a deadly recession & has continuously dealt with a belligerent, non-working (racist) Republican Congress! But amazingly Obama never gave up on fulfilling his elected job/s & has often performed beyond expectations!

And that leads to the question — what happens next? But then you instinctively know the answer — the individual with the brain power who has worked with Obama gaining worldwide experience as Secretary of State & who definitely cares about we the people & our country is of course Hillary Rodham Clinton! And remember, your Nov. 8th votes for Hillary & a Democratic Congress will ensure a smart, bright future for us all!



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